Sunderland’s Yedlin aims to ruin Leicester’s Hollywood ending

A Sunderland win would breathe new life into Tottenham’s pursuit of this season’s surprise league leaders and considerably help their own relegation fight.


Sunderland are 18th in the table, four points adrift of Norwich City above them.

“The whole Leicester thing is an unbelievable story, but it’s obviously one we are going to try and put a dent in this weekend,” Yedlin was quoted as saying on the Evening Standard website (苏州美甲培训学校,

“Talking to a lot of the players here, they’ve been saying that if Leicester win the title, it will probably be one of those stories they end up making a movie out of. It’s a great story,” he added.

Leicester’s rise, fired by the goals of Jamie Vardy, has already attracted the attention of Hollywood with writer Adrian Butchart, who co-wrote the first two parts of football trilogy “Goal!”, reported to be discussing a deal in Los Angeles to script the striker’s life story.

Yedlin will not want to contribute any more uplifting twists to the plot on Sunday when he will be charged with finding a way to keep Vardy quiet.

“As a full back, you always have to be aware of where he (Vardy) is,” added Yedlin, who has made 16 league appearances for Sunderland this season.

“He likes to get into spots where you are not used to being. That’s why we have to be on our sharpest game and we have to be focused for the whole match.

“It’s definitely going to be one of our most challenging games, but we can’t focus on them. We have to focus on ourselves right now because we have to get out of trouble.”

(Reporting by Neil Robinson; Editing by Toby Davis)